Not So Normal Friday: Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day

Well this saying was the exact thought I had in my head this whole friday. Althought, it was pretty unusual day in my life – I had a celebration of 100 days until my graduation, it didn’t feel any special. And yet, it’s so strange! I woke up at 7:30 a.m., got an amazing shower and then granted that day for my spiritual and tangible matters. Did some reading of one omy favourite books ”One Hundred Years Of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, some yoga, drinked some tea, listened few newly downloaded songs with my limited edition monster beats pro (one of them:  Beyonce – Partition , a must-listen with a good quality music facility! ) and dedicated some pleasant time for my external beauty. Actually, it was the first time I made so finished make-up (normally, I only emphasize my eyes with black eyeliner). Even so, I felt absolutely casual. It always surprises me how cool sometimes I appear on somewhat special days. Even this lovely dovely Valentine’s day, when every girl is so desperately obssesed with getting lots of love and gifts from guys. I mean, I’m not special or different, I do feel the same, or that’s what I felt until this year, but this year I just somehow finally accepted the cruel truth, that there is no way I could possibly get anything. Since I am such a we<3it addict, I found equivalents and for these my new thoughts:

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But that’s just lucky me – I distanced from that mass media influece, and I didn’t even needed a pack of ice cream or chocolate. For the whole one day!